In this case, other than material support, the most important in our program is that our volunteers give encouragement and emotional support to both the affected and the infected, visiting them in their homes from time to time.

Dairy Cow Harvesting

For the purpose of income generation and nutrition, a dairy cow is handed to family. In Saidiana, this activity involves pairing up our members in which case a dairy cow is donated to a pair and once it gives birth, the calf is subsequently handed over to the second person in the pair allowing each and every member to own a dairy cow.

Goats And Sheep Rearing

Sheep, goats and chicken rearing are among key basic activities undertaken by saidiana Women Project for the purpose of income generation.

We therefore, donate sheep, goats and chicken to our members where they could otherwise not afford to start up on their own.

Micro-Credit And Empowerement

Formerly called micro-entrepreneurship which has continued under Saidiana Women Project since its inception, it has slowly been transformed into micro-credit scheme whose capitation has to increase gradually every year.

This is mainly meant to empower rural communities and promote self reliance through people centred intiatives and community partcipation.

Activity areas include:-

  1. Sustainable food production.
  2. Hortculture practices.
  3. Income generating activities.
  4. Training our members in their areas of interest.

The overal aim is to improve peoples lives and breach the gap of inter-generational cycle of poverty.

Kitchen Gardening.

Kitchen gardening in an area touching on the basics for human survival which include simple crop production. It involves encouraging atleast three double dug beds per family, composting,vegetable gardening and tree planting.

Sewing And Knitting.

This area of activity is the backbone of Saidiana Women Project and has indeed helped many beginers either to start on or continue their day to day lives. The concentration has been on making school uniforms, training and volunteer activities- mainly with young people enabling them get much needed income.

Relieve Activities

Most of our relief activities are classified under social and health related services in which case areas of concentration include:-

  1. Educational relief - we normally focus on school uniform and learning materials of the affected children at their areas of learning.
  2. Health related relief supplies -This is basically curative and preventative in nature.
  3. Relief to vulnerable young members of the society, in some identified children's homes whose nature is mainly food, clothing and educational support.
  4. Relief to senior citzens in their respective homes, ranging from food, clothing, medicines and outings.

Preventative Health Care.

Promotion of preventative health care includes but not limited to assisting families avoid being exposed to preventable ailments such as the infamous jigger menace, water borne diseases and dangers of mosquitoes that cause malaria.

This Saidiana activity encourages by supporting good hygiene starndards among rural population.

Visiting/ Welcoming a Stranger.

This involve reaching out to the people who would have limited interaction due to ones social standing in community and aims at building up confidence, encourage interaction and work on any anti-social behaviour. Its a life changing activity of its own kind.