Wellcome to our Organization!

Saidiana Women Project (Kenya ) is one such examble of life transforming experience. This Self Help Group began initially with a membership of just 21 women in rural village of Matunda, Kakamega County In Western Kenya.

However; today its activiies are no longer confined to the village but at least spread accross four counties in Kenya.

Whereas initial activities were Merry-Go-Round nature over twenty years ago, today we rejoice in the growth and expansion of our project activities to meet social challenges of those we are privileged to work with and for.

Saidiana Women Project seeks new and creative solutions to community challenges and problems; solutions created by people taking their lives into their own hands. Saidiana Women offer a solution against illiteracy, social injustices, poverty and seek appropriate ways on the use of available resources to fight poverty.


Our Background!

Saidiana Women Project was founded in 1995, inspired by humanitarian values;. Our founders held the conviction that development work should be community based.

Having worked as volunteers on Iona was and remains a great inspiration. We enjoy being inspired by our many new found global friends over the years.

We have realised over time and believe that Heaven manifest on earth when you choose peace, harmony and joy as the key expressions.

That choosing integrity, grace compassion, honesty and generosity; we make a difference in the world and each quality of unconditional love goes along way throughout infinity. Through the collaboration with the institutions and individuals, we have been able to touch many deserving lives in own communities

  • Our Achievements.
  • Our Managemant
  • How We Work
The expanding roles of Saidiana Women Project in our village has achieved:-
  • Sustainable food Production.
  • Provision Of Clean Drinking Water.
  • Supporting Income generating activities.
  • interacting with families to restore confidence.
  • Promoting education to rural communities.
  • Encouraging Care for the environment.
  • Restoration of hope among the youth.
  • Training, especially in sewing and knitting.
  • Providing a life line for survival by those who volunteer to work for the project.

Saidiana Women Project is managed by the Patron, Board of Trustees and Volunteers.

Our team comprises of memmbers, volunteers, families and trainees in different aspects. We maintain a simple adminstrative structure comprising of the patron,and board of trustees. Volunteers do most of the work and their entitlement is a montlhy stipend.

  1. We support Innovators and develop ideas We engage game-changing pioneers and frontrunners that inspire others. We have a keen eye for these innovators and offer them a platform, connecting them to different networks, provide start-up funding, training etc.
  2. We connect idea innovators and co-create solutions We organize multi-actor platforms, that are able to transform ideas into solutions and help them grow and spread. We initiate programs, ensure good monitoring and evaluations, and incorporate lessons learnt into future programming.

Our instruments

  1. Network

  2. We have a large, diverse and global network of partners and volunteers that we engage in everything we do.
  3. Innovation and knowledge

  4. We invest in knowledge and innovation to trigger change. By staying ahead of the curve in understanding social change and crises, we make our role and programs more effective and relevant to our society and economic change.
  5. Program development

  6. We develop relevant economic development programs and ensure they are properly managed and chenge the life of our members.
  7. Capacity development

  8. We develop the capacity of organizations to increase their effectiveness in working towards community outreach and development.
  9. Advocacy

  10. We advocate for social and economic development to work in favor of marginalized groups. We support our partners and volunteers in their advocacy for this development.
  11. Financing

  12. We provide micro-credits to members and projects for the purpose of empowering them.

Our Objectives

  • To increase social cohesion and socio economic inclusion of poor and vulnerable people within the project area.
  • To give friendship, hope and practical help to the most vulnerable in the community.
  • To Encourage micro-enterprenuership as a means to economis empowerment.
  • To advance sustainability in food production.
  • To enhance families coping skills to give children the best start in life.
  • To relief sickness and need in society.
  • To Promote levels of education in community.

Our Mission

To Transform lives by providing a platform for the less fortunate, mobilise limited resources & participating in the community development projects.

Our Vission

To be a leading organization in breaking the cycles of disadvantage by working with the families to neutralize risk factor that threaten the well being of individuals and communities alike.

Our Core Values

Justice, Love, Honesty, Respect, Reconciliation And Efficiency.